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ANO PRO 2021

On Monday, 21 June, the ANO International Pipe Organ Festival, which is part of the European Music Day 2021, will host a special concert featuring works for pipe organ and trombone.

Giannis Kaikis (trombone) and Christos Paraskevopoulos (pipe organ) have joined forces and will present a particularly interesting musical result which arises from the collaboration between brass instruments and the pipe organ, a combination which has inspired major composers throughout the ages.

The concert will take place at the St. George’s Cathedral in Ano Syros without a live audience and will be broadcast online at 8 pm on Monday, 21 June from the ANO Festival YouTube and Facebook pages.

The Ano Syros – ANO International Pipe Organ Festival has been included in the CLLD-LEADER Local Action Programme with Cyclades Development Agency S.A. as the Local Action Team, with the support of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe invests in rural areas / Ministry of Rural Development & Food / Rural Development Programme for Greece 2014-2020, and is co-financed by Greece and the European Union.

Poster design: Kostas Katagas

Festival visuals: Freiderikos Roussos / Syrostoday

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