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ANO Festival / KATO Tour 2020

The 4th ANO International Organ Festival has planned three concerts for August 2020. Those will take place at St. George’s Cathedral in Ano Syros. In compliance with the protocols aimed at containing the Covid-19 pandemic, the concerts will be virtual ones and held in the absence of any audiences. On the nights that the concerts take place, a festival projection screen will be set up at a specially selected outdoor spot around the island, a different one each time. Via that screen, a limited number of guests will be able to enjoy each concert. Free entrance.


Thursday, August 20
Organ and percussion concert
Eleni Keventsidou, organ
Spyros Lambouras, percussion
Live-streaming at: Courtyard of the “Aghios Pavlos” Pastoral Center, Posidonia

Friday, August 21
Organ and cello concert
Eleni Keventsidou & Christos Paraskevopoulos, organ
Susan Norton, cello
Live-streaming at: Outdoor event grounds, Cultural Association of Chroussa Citizens, Chroussa

Saturday, August 22
Organ and voice concert*
Christos Paraskevopoulos, organ
Ioannis Kavouras, tenor
Live-streaming at: Aquarium courtyard, Kini

* The concert is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of St. Pope John Paul’s II birthday, and includes works of Polish composers.

The concerts will be introduced by Nikos Kanellopoulos, music producer and program consultant for the ANO Festival.

Side-by-side Event

Exhibition on the life and work of St. Pope John Paul II.
It will be held at St. George’s Cathedral in Ano Syros (August 17-23), in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Athens.

“ANO” Festival 2020 takes places under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture & Sports and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Insular Policy – Secretariat General for the Aegean & Island Policy.


Catholic Bishopry of Syros
Syros Greek Catholic Association


Syros Ermoupolis Municipality


Stavros Niarchos Foundation


Ministry of Culture & Sports
Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Insular Policy – Secretariat General for the Aegean & Island Policy
AEGEAS Non-Profit Civil Company
GAD Transportation Company


Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Athens
ORION Non-Profit Civil Company

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