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ANO Christmas 2021 / Works for organ and plucked string instruments

In bidding adieu to the year that we are leaving behind, the “ANO” International Organ Festival presents its traditional Christmas concert. It will be held at St. George’s Cathedral, Ano Syros, in the absence of an audience, and broadcasted online on the ANO Festival’s pages on YouTube and Facebook, on Saturday, December 25, at 18:00 hours.

Our holiday concert revolves around Christmas Day and the main roles will be held by the cathedral’s ecclesiastical organ and the notes struck by the plucked string instruments guitar and mandolins. Irini Anastasiou, our organist for the concert, will be accompanied by Doreen Laskaridou (mandolin, guitar); Lambis Mitsiakis (mandolin); and Ariadne Hager (mandola). Both introduction and commentary have been undertaken by Nikos Kanellopoulos, the Ano Festival’s consultant.

The concert will include well-known, themed holiday hymns and international repertory works that exude piety and exultation, becoming the harbingers of the Christmas holidays’ jubilant message.

ANO CHRISTMAS 2021 (live streaming)
Date: 25/12/2021, at 18:00

Works for organ and plucked string instruments
Irini Anastasiou, organ
Dorin Laskaridou, mandolin, guitar
Lampis Mitsiakis, mandolin
Ariadne Hager, mandola

Festival poster design: Kostas Katagas
Festival visual identity: Freiderikos Roussos / Syrostoday
Creation of promotional video: LiveCam Productions / Ioannis Manousos

The action “ANO” International Organ Festival, Ano Syros, is part of the: Local CLLD-LEADER Program / “Development Company of Cyclades S.A.” Local Action Group / European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe invests in rural areas / Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food / 2014-2020 Rural Development Program for Greece / Jointly funded by Greece and the European Union.