Stratos Gioulmpanoglou


Born in 1985, Stratos Gioulmpanoglou began music lessons at the age of 6, studying harmonium at the Municipal Conservatory of Kallithea. At the same time, he began studying piano and advanced theory, earning a degree for the harmonium graded ‘Excellent’ from the National Conservatory of Athens, and a corresponding degree in piano, graded ‘Excellent’, for the Ionian Conservatory in Corfu. In 2004, he began studying at the Corfu University of Music, where he studied performance on the church organ under Professor Father Julios Gramenias. In 2009, he attended the Oundle Advanced Organ Academy (Toulouse) gaining valuable experience. From 2010, he has worked with the religious music group Musica Sacra, under the direction of the organist Christos Paraskevopoulos. He is a member of the Athenian Choir Group under the direction of Dimitris Karavelis, and is a member of the National Conservatory of Athens choir. From 2012, he has worked with the Lutheran Church of Athens as an assistant organist. From 2010-12 he worked in primary education in Acharnes and Chania. He has participated in the Saint Francis Music Festival in Rhodes and in the Church Organ Festival, at the Lutheran Church of Athens.