Anastasios Stellas


Anastasios Stellas was born in Athens and he started his music studies in the early age, studying the piano and Byzantine Music. He finished his studies in the vocal department (classical and modern singing studies) taking his diploma from the Ioanna’s Sygkelaki Conservatory, with excellent grade, first prize with honors. He belongs in the category of the light tenors (tenoro leggiero) specialized in the roles of Mozart, Rossini and Donizetti with a remarkable flexibility and easiness. He has attended a lot of vocal seminars and master classes in Greece and abroad and he has studied with a variety of important soloists and conductors. In his repertoire he has a variety of Mozart, Rossini and Donizetti, Haendel and Bach’s roles and sacred music. He has participated in contemporary opera production (Greece, France and U.S.A.), in the International Aegean Festival (2014) in Syros and also in a numerous of productions in the Greek National Opera. He is the founder and the general manager of the Greek artistic company OPERA NEON (