Myrto Xirouhaki


Myrto Xirouhaki was born in Athens. Early on, she developed an interest in music by following the ORFF method under Kyra Iliadi, and taking piano lessons from Sonia Oikonomidou at the Athens Conservatory. She was no older than 12 when she began her cello studies under Ch. Koutrou, at the Alimos Music School where she graduated from. She continued her cello studies by attending the class of N. Kotzias at the Orfeio Conservatory of Athens, where she is now in her senior year. In 2015, she received “summa cum laude” her Special Diploma in Harmony Studies. In 2017, she received, again “summa cum laude” her Diploma in Counterpoint from the Moschato Municipal Conservatory where she studied under A. Nastos. At present, she continues her fugue studies while also enrolled in the Department of Music Studies, School of Philosophy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (UoA). She is a member of the Athens Youth Symphony (ASON) where she is the principal cellist. She has participated in violoncello seminars and various musical ensembles in Greece and abroad. She composes and performs music written for theater and has made a number of recordings. She is a regular collaborator of the music ensembles of the German Evangelical Church of Athens. She is also a member of the Fourté String Quartet which was formed in 2017.