Lambis Mitsiakis


He was born in Athens. He engaged in Piano Studies and Advanced Theory at the Hellenic Conservatory of Music & Arts. He also studied mandolin, mandola, mandocello, and guitar under the tutelage of Michalis Vaindirlis, as a member of the Ag. Eleftherios Areos Mandolinata (later known as the Athens Mandolin Orchestra). He was also a member of the Plucked Orchestra of Athens (later known as MandolinARTE) until 2017. He studied trombone at the Zografos Municipal Conservatory under Michalis Michailidis and graduated in 2016. He was a member of the Zografos Philharmonic as well as of the Municipality of Ilioupolis Philharmonic (later known as Banda del Sol) where he is still a member. He once was a member of the Neapolis of Exarchia Mandolinata and of the Athenian Estudiantina. He is now a member of the fol-lowing ensembles: Odiporoi, Mitera Falena Tyfli, Talos Trombone Ensemble, and Madebygrey. He has had a number of collaborations with diverse musical ensembles for the purposes of concerts, festivals, and contests in Greece (Athens, Volos, Preveza) and abroad. He has also collaborated with Greek and foreign singers and ensembles (Protopsalti, Lekkas, Delivorias, Thomaidis, Esper, Vitzilaios, Spyros Lambros Choir, Eckman, Walker).
He has played with the Athens State Orchestra, appeared at radio and television shows and made numerous recordings.