Isabella-Helen Chatziioannou


Isabella Helen Chatziioannou was born in Athens in 1992. She is a graduate of the Department of International, European and Regional Studies, Panteion University. In 2016, she received from the Aegaleo Conservatory with Honors both her diploma in Piano Studies (class of Helen Karakoglou), and her Special Diploma in Harmony Studies (class of Theophilos Voutsinas). She now continues with graduate studies in violin (class of Constantinos Stavridis, Municipal Conservatory of Thebes) and viola (class of Elias Sdoukos, Orfeion Conservatory of Athens). She is a member of the Athens Youth Symphony (ASON), the Small ASON Chamber Orchestra, the Junior Camerata Orchestra, and the Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (FIL.O.N.). She frequently performs at concerts in collaboration with the German Evangelical Church of Athens and the Fourté String Quartet. She currently teaches at the Metropolitan Conservatory of Livadia.