Ioannis Rigoutsos

Choral conductor

Ioannis Rigoutsos was born in Athens where he spent the first few years of his life, but was raised on Syros where he now lives on a permanent basis. Mr. Rigoutsos is married and has two children. He started his studies in music with diplomas in Accordion, Vocal Studies, and Harmony from the Pherecydes Cycladic School of Music, under the tutelage of Panagiotis Halaris. He continued his studies in Counterpoint and Piano in Athens at the “Haimada” Odeon, in the class of Ms. Kaiti Haimada. He has attended the choral direction seminars in Greek choral works given by Mr. Antonis Kontogeorgiou; in international choral works given by Mr. Oskar Egle; and seminars on Pop Vocals, given by Mr. Manfred Mauser. He has taught at the Pherecydes Cycladic School of Music, at various cultural associations and, for two consecutive years (1994- 1995) has given ongoing training seminars offered by the Prefecture of the Cyclades. As of 1995, he has been teaching music at public schools. At present, he works at the 1st Elementary School of Hermoupolis, Cyclades Primary School Education System. From 2000 to the present, he has been the choral conductor of the Mixed Choir of the Catholic Church of Evangelistria, Hermoupolis, Syros.