Fotis Tsantilas


He is a graduate of the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh). He also holds a Master of Science degree (MSc) from the Department of Product & Systems Design Engineering, University of the Aegean. He works for the South Aegean Administrative Region. At a very young age, he began playing music with the Tripolis Municipality Philharmonic, starting with the horn and tenor horn and progressing to the trumpet and flugelhorn. While still a student at AUTh, he founded together with other students, AUTh’s Faculty of Engineering Orchestra, and participated in various music ensembles in Thessaloniki. For a short spell he was also a member of the Halandri Municipality Philharmonic. He has performed with the Municipality of Syros-Hermoupolis Philharmonic and has had numerous collaborations with other Syros musicians from various music ensembles active on the island. He is a founding member of the Orchestra of the Cyclades (conductor: Nikos Kypourgos) and Vice Chair of that orchestra’s Board of Directors.