Babis Koulouras


Babis Koulouras was born in Syros in 1947. He has been shaping the radio and television landscape since 1984. He has been a producer and presenter for Radio KYKLOS and KOSMOS 90. Since 1995, he has been volunteering his services to the Syros-Hermoupolis municipal AIGAIO RADIO & TELEVISION as a member of its Board of Directors, program director, presenter, cameraman, and producer of television shows. For years on end, he has been the Chairman of the Ano Syros Cultural Association and a member of the Syros Institute. In 1978, he won first prize for the show “NA I EFKAIRIA” [Here’s the Chance]. In 1980 he participated as a singer, songwriter, and composer at the Thessaloniki Song Festival. He is the founder and head of the globe-trotting, Kavafis, Gatsos, and Kavvadias music-making groups through which he has been showcasing for the past 12 years tributes to the titular poets in Greece and abroad. He has engaged in an amateur capacity in the Theater by directing, acting, and writing music for performances by amateur drama groups. He has composed dozens of songs and written the music scores for a cycle of poems from the eminent work “A Thousand Killed Girls” by the leading Syros poet Rita Boumi-Pappa. By Easter, he will have released a CD with 16 compositions of his based on the poetry of Konstantinos Kavafis. He has been honored with the gold medal from his birthplace, the Municipality of Syros-Hermoupolis, the Medal of Honor of the Palestinian People, medals by the Theological School of Chalki and by UNESCO, the Paul Harris Fellow Award by the Rotary Club, and honor medals from “AtHome Nursing and Caregiving Services”, the Association of Peloponnesians, FORUM20.21, the Youth and Sports Organization of the Municipality of Hermoupolis, various expatriate associations, the Syros Runners; the Municipalities of Mykonos and Serifos, and Doctors of the World.