Agapi Papamitsou


Agapi Papamitsou was born in Athens and studied monody under C. Savino at the Athens Conservatoire. She graduated with a score of “Excellent” given unanimously by the judges and won 1st Prize. She then attended the Athens Conservatoire’s Musical Interpretation postgraduate program. Further, she attended the three International Cycles, Studio Operas, for lyrical performers; the Stage Performance & Classical Music Role Interpretation course under A. Papakonstantinou, as well as seminars on Bel a soloists she has appeared in most venues in Athens (Megaron Mousikis, Parnassos, Nakas, Goethe Institut, French and Danish Institute, Ionic Centre, German Church, Natural History Museum “Gaia-Goulandris”), in festivals and in Alexandria of Egypt performing roles from operas, oratorios and songs. She has collaborated with conductors G. Petrou, M. Michaelides, M. Economou, R. Pylarinos. She performed in the ceremony of the Olympic Flame in Ithaca. She has worked with theater groups in presentations of children’s books, also with the instrumental ensemble “Melos Brass” and the brass quartet “Lefkas”, and with composers D. Papadimitriou, N. Platyrachos, N. Xydakis and director M. Kakoyannis “Lysistrata”. She has been a member of the Greek National Opera Choir. Her long-term relationship with music has been quite rich and varied, including children’s choir conducting and piano teaching as well as singing both in professional choirs and as a soloist. She has been a member of the Mixed Choir of the Municipality of Athens since 2000. Canto, early Italian music, under A. Christofellis. She studied and performed in Bach’s “The Matthew Passion” with the International Bach Academy of Stuttgart, conducted by H. Rilling at the Athens Concert Hall. She won 1st Prize for Opera Singing at the 6th Rhodes International Festival. For eight years, she worked at the Greek National Opera, at the Acropol Theater’s Children’s Stage (director: K. Rougeri) and Operetta Stage. She has participated in numerous Athens Festival productions and in various Greek and international festivals.

In March 2018, she collaborated again with Alkinoos Ioannidis at the Athens Concert Hall for the needs of the show “Diptycho”, where she led the chorus of Euripides’ “Bacchae”. Artists with whom she has cooperated include: M. Theodorakis; Y. Markopoulos; D. Papadimitriou; M. Cacoyannis (Lysistrata); A. Ioannidis; M. Frangoulis; L. Halkias. She has performed with the choirs of: the Greek National Opera, the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation; Fons Musicalis; the Eklipsis Vocal Ensemble; and the “En Fonaes” Ensemble which is part of the “Odos Technon” cultural initiative founded by conductor Alexandros Stoupakis. She continues to perform and interpret classical and artistic song repertory at music venues throughout Greece. For the last eight years she has been teaching artistic and classical singing, as well as interpretation and artistic expression at a number of conservatories in Athens. She also coaches young students in acting.