Athens Classical Players


Violin: Giorgos Mandilas (concertmaster); Vasilis Soukas, Nikolaos Beis, Evangelos Revithis, Iris Louka, Liza Nok, Platon Bourgiotis / Viola: Antilochos Tranos, Petros Vlassis / Cello: Asterios Pouftis / Double bass: Nikos Tsoukalas.

The ACP musical ensemble emerged from the love of its members for the constant pursuit and interpretation of emblematic musical works, starting with the great classical period and following the compass pointing to the fact that, regardless of when it was written, a musical work can convey and prove through a dialectic interpretative approach the special message that the musical work can be as topical as ever. All of the ACP members are also permanent members of the Athens State Orchestra’s string section. With G. Mandilas as their concertmaster, ensemble members study and perform without a maestro, adopting in that way a solo approach both in terms of acquiring thorough knowledge of each libretto and in terms of their performance practices. Within the framework of the Athens State Orchestra’s educational programme “The Mozart Code”, they performed in Agrinio, within the framework of the Athens State Orchestra’s program “Musical Offer-Offer of Music” under the artistic guidance of Leonidas Kavakos within the framework of the presentation of the Athens State Orchestra’s artistic program for 2020-21, in the concert cycle “All of Greece, One Culture” with a live concert at the Eleusis archaeological site, at the Roman Agora’s archaeological site. In February 2021, they presented their concert “Net Force of Light” with works by A. Dvorak and W.A. Mozart. Following an invitation by the Athens Concert Hall, on June 21, they performed as Athens State Orchestra representatives at the annual concert celebrating the World Music Day (Fête de la Musique). In May 2022, for the purposes of their participation in the Athens State Orchestra’s Chamber Music Concerts Cycle “Musical promenades at the Museums”, they created “Sonquisera”, a concert comprising works of a symbolic character by S. Prokofiev, W. A. Mozart, and P. I. Tchaikovsky. Their impressive project underlined the importance of performers working in harmony. They also performed for the very first time in Greece, S. Prokofiev’s Sonata for Solo Violin, following the composer’s instruction on his work for the engagement of multiple violinists in unison. In September 2022 they performed at the inaugural concert of the newly established Corfu International Festival with distinguished violinist Georgios Banos as their soloist. In February 2023, they gave concerts at the Koufonisia islands within the framework of the Athens State Orchestra’s educational programmes “Right to Music”.