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ANO Festival volunteer program / Become a member of ANO Festival’s planning team

The “ANO” International Organ Festival is organized by the Catholic Diocese of Syros and the Syros Greek Catholic Association. It now reaches out to those who wish to volunteer their services in the following fields:

  • secretarial support
  • graphics
  • communications & social media
  • opinion polls
  • audiovisual coverage
  • side-by-side events of the festival
  • organ maintenance
  • pamphlet distribution
  • hospitality
  • ushering
  • security

The volunteers’ services will be needed for the time periods the festival’s annual cycle of events take place. The festival’s event schedule is the following: ANO SPRING / March (concert); ANO PRO / June (concert); ANO FESTIVAL / August (concerts/side-by-side events); and ANO CHRISTMAS / December (concert).

Volunteers will become part of the festival’s structure, depending on their studies’ scope and on their fields of knowledge. They will be gaining invaluable experience in the preparations and implementation surrounding a dynamic, cultural planned festival of the region. Additionally, they will attend a specially designed educational seminar so that they may acquire the skills they need to carry out the duties assigned to them. They will also have a rare opportunity to watch up close the rehearsals and concerts of the artists performing during the Festival; and to participate in the festival’s side-by-side events. For a limited number of volunteers who will be joining the festival’s planning team but do not live on Syros, we will be covering their traveling and accommodations expenses for the festival’s main event in August. All volunteers will receive a memento commemorating the festival and a certificate by its planning committee attesting to their participation in the festival’s event they volunteered for and to the task they were assigned to.

For more information, please send your e-mails to the “ANO” International Organ Festival at or use the contact form.

Interested in becoming an “ANO” Festival volunteer? Please, fill out the VOLUNTEER FORM.