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7th ANO International Organ Festival

With a view to showcasing the pipe organ housed in St. George’s Cathedral in Ano Syros and, at the same time, revive the Ano Syros medieval settlement, the Roman Catholic Bishopry of Syros has been organizing the “ANO” International Organ Festival since 2017. The Festival’s program of events includes concerts, exhibitions lectures, viewings of the pipe organ, and tours of the Ano Syros medieval settlement.

Artistic Director:

Stefanos Tsialis


Monday, August 21, at 20:00, St George’s Cathedral, Ano Syros
Organ recital
Gianluca Libertucci (Italy), organ

Wednesday, August 23, at 20:00, St George’s Cathedral, Ano Syros
Organ and horn concert
(with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany)
Michal Markuszewski (Poland), organ
Μartina Reitmann (Germany), horn

Friday, August 25, at 20:00, Courtyard of “Panagia tis Elpidos” Retreat, Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, Hermoupolis
From Mozart to Morricone
Athens Classical Players (Greece), ensemble consisting of musicians active in the Athens State Orchestra’s strings section

Saturday, August 26, at 20:00, St George’s Cathedral, Ano Syros
Organ and voice concert
(with the support of Czech Centre Athens)
Karel Martínek (Czech Republic), organ
Christine Assimacopoulos (Greece), soprano

The recitals will be presented by radio producer and the ANO Festival’s artistic program advisor, Nikos Kanellopoulos.

Side events:

Exhibition by the National Museum of Prague titled: “Famous Czech Composers”
(in cooperation with the Czech Centre Athens)
St George’s Cathedral Courtyard, Ano Syros
21.08.2022 to 26.08.2022

All the ANO Organ Festival concerts and side events are free of charge.